Strike Back 2 series 2011
GFX 18 screen mobile control room with large projector screen, scripted graphics including satellite footage, facial recognition, maps and news.
Laptop with ransom video (compositing blood for headshot). Security room for hotel including live and pre-shot CCTV footage. MI6 HQ set with large screen plus MI6 office set with bullpen and tv news screens. Various other screens, laptops etc.
Safe House feature 2011
VFX 17 screen safe house security room with custom graphics and CCTV footage (shot by Hard Light). Various laptop playbacks. 5 screen US consulate set with custom graphics (passport scanning and x-ray scanner). 5 screen consulate back rooms with custom graphics. 30 screen stadium security room with custom scripted CCTV footage (shot by Hard Light). 3 screen extended desktop setup with custom graphics of passport forgery. 5 screen Safe house 2 security room with custom CCTV 
(shot by Hard Light). 74 screen CIA headquarters.
Beaver Falls series 2011
GFX Websites for playback and Airport arrivals hall with webcam aided passport control.
24 seven short 2011
Directing, Editing and Colour grading of  short film shot on RED camera, for ACT acting school Cape Town.

Judge Dredd feature 2010
GFX 72 screen playback on mobile unit for VFX composite.
Other GFX design work.
Outcasts series 2010
GFX 18 screen control room with custom scripted graphics. Other smaller screen setups for medical center etc.
VFX Elements for conference call, ticker overlays, some color grading.
Mermaids series 2010
GFX Various sound analysis screens. Microscope sample screens.
Kidnap and Ransom series 2010
GFX A telephony interface for kidnap negotiators. Skype calling, custom chess games and telephone tracing
The Lost Boys – Thirst feature 2009
GFX Rear-projection screen, projected live action from 2 cameras and mixed custom made animations over the footage. Used crowd footage shot earlier to create the illusion of different raves with different grading.
Guinness commercial 2009
VFX 3D set design and elements for Guinness rugby commercial.
History of America series 2009
GFX 1941 The attack on Pear Harbor. Extensive research to re-create the radar system used at the time. Created historically accurate action sequences for the oscilloscope screen.
The Philanthropist series 2009
GFX 6 screen office. Conference rooms. Televisions in various sets. Airplane. Etc. Created news footage with
lower 3rds, 3d maps, edited footage. Conference calling setups with custom interface. E-mail systems, web
pages, documents, web-feeds. 4 screen radio station set with live audio levels and audio/caller software.
Helimolongo Chevron Helicopter Safety corporate 2009
VFX Green screen comp, supervising, 3d elements and titles.
Invictus feature 2009
GFX Security screens setup. 2 locations. Custom footage in quad layout. 24 frames per second playback.
Bridgestone commercial 2009
GFX 3d tire animation.
Summer in Cape Town feature 2009
GFX Video conference screens (Skype style), e-mail programs with scripted content, internet banking.
Secret of Whales feature 2009
GFX Sonar and audio analysis screens for a marine biologist. 8 screen control room of an oil discovery vessel.
Custom interfaces, 3d terrain analysis and audio processing.
24 season pilot series 2009
GFX Maps playback in command tent.
Rieger commercial 2009
VFX 2 full 3d inserts. Flyby over icy landscape and glacier into an igloo at the end with full 3d kitchen. Flyby over
valley, into cave with full 3d bedroom scene.
Domex commercial 2009
VFX 3D. Bacteria destroyed by toilet cleaner.
Lost City Raiders feature 2008
GFX Ship's bridge with sonar and depth sounding equipment with scripted actions. Geologist's field camp with
portable mapping setup. 3d graphics of geographical features and results of seismic exploration. 3d map of
sunken church following scripted action. TV screens with stock tickers and relevant news stories.
The Three Investigators – Terror Castle feature 2008
GFX Google earth style animation. Footage treated to look like old 8mm film stock. GPS navigation.
Starship Troopers – Marauder feature 2008
VFX Title Sequence, Color grading, Green screen comp and supervising. Various insert sequences totaling 15
min of footage. Live action comp with 3D elements.
GFX 17 screen bunker surveillance room, we shot footage of soldiers in trenches for playback on various
screens with varying degrees of combat action. Space ship control room, escape pod controls, conference
calling, explanatory animations, navigational animations. Various sets including mobile units.
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